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St Mary of Carmen History
St Mary of Carmen History
St Mary of Carmen - A Legacy of Five Families
St Mary of Carmen - Mayoral Participation
St Mary of Carmen - Oldest Application
The oldest membership application on record (left).
Check out our Adbook from 1937: (Click on photo)
1937 Adbook
Check out our photo book from the 60th Festival (1996):
1996 Photo Book
Our statue of La Madonna Del Carmine was modeled after the Madonna (pictured here) in the town of Riccia, a little town in the province of Campobasso, in the region of Molise. The founders of our society all came from different towns and regions of Italy, someone from the Campobasso area must have had the suggestion, as La Madonna Del Carmine is popular all over Italy. The statues are almost identical except for the extra clothing on the one in Italy. 
Here you can see a video of the statue in Italy: