St Mary of Carmen Society

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Our statue of La Madonna Del Carmine was modeled after the Madonna (pictured here) in the town of Riccia, a little town in the province of Campobasso, in the region of Molise. The founders of our society all came from different towns and regions of Italy, someone from the Campobasso area must have had the suggestion, as La Madonna Del Carmine is popular all over Italy. The statues are almost identical except for the extra clothing on the one in Italy.
Here you can see a video of the statue in Italy:

The oldest membership application on record.

We, The members of the Saint Mary of Carmen Society, wish to express our appreciation to Mayor Warren for his acknowledgement of the Society’s rich traditions and the positive role our organization plays in our community.

We are especially thankful for the official designation of Nonantum as Newton’s “Villaggio Italiano.”

Mayor McCarthy of Waltham joined us at the 78th festival, pictured here with our president and festival chairman.

President Frank Battista (left) and festival chairman Chuck Proia (right) presenting awards sponsored by the St Mary of Carmen Society at the Boys & Girls Club Awards Night June 4, 2013.

Members of the St. Mary of Carmen Society cooked and served dinner.

Winners with their trophies are pictured below at the 1st annual Honda Village sponsored car show to benefit the St Mary of Carmen Society.

The society donated to The Legit Band at their fundraiser. The Legit Band is playing at our 2014 festival on Friday.

Newtons 2014 Memorial Day Parade


The society cooked and served dinner for the third year in a row at the Boys & Girls Club Awards Night, June 3rd 2014!


The St Mary of Carmen Society hosted the Newton North Italian exchange students and their host families for dinner at the Sons of Italy on Tuesday, September 23rd.

The St Mary of Carmen Society participated in the 2015 Newton Memorial Day parade and the Watertown parade the following weekend (pictured here).

An Award of Excellence was presented to the St Mary of Carmen Society by the Nonantum Neighborhood Association at its 2015 village day for "Dedication to the Community of Nonantum"!

The society again participated in both the Newton and Watertown Memorial Day parades in 2018.

Mayor Fuller met with officers of the Society in preparation for our 83rd festival in 2018.